When attending a sporting event, transportation is the next largest item for a sports team – like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for instance – next to accommodations. There are a number of transportation options to accompany teams to out-of-town events depending on the budget. The most popular, however, are private vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter van.

Vans are more commonly used when destinations and sporting events are of shorter length. Surely, every sports team has had the experience of using vans when heading out to compete. One advantage in this type of transportation is that there is not a lot of planning involved. At most, managers will just have to map out fuel stops, eating establishments, and rest spots along the way.

However, there are downsides as well. Finding the number of vehicles that it will take to transport the team is a challenge. Apart from that, there is also the possibility of vehicles breaking down on the way. This is why it is very important for well-known teams like Tampa Bay Devil Rays to choose a durable vehicle that offer luxurious convenience apart from being economical.

For instance, Mercedes Sprinter takes pride in keeping passengers safe and comfortable, while keeping expenses low. With room for up to 12 people, Mercedes Sprinter vans will deliver athletes to their games in top shape with its Best-in-class1 Interior Height, and up to 5.4 m3 (190.3 cu. ft.) of cargo volume. Indeed, the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van is an excellent vehicle to offer corporate team rides as it can surely get your business moving.

The type of vehicle that athletes ride on the way to competitions impact the performance of their whole team. Choose wisely!